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By: Carcycle Ltd - Scrap Vehicle Collection & Disposal  15/12/2010
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Iron ore is the main raw material of steel: which is one of the most common materials used in construction globally. In recent years this finite resource has become extremely scarce so the continued recycling of steel is of great importance to international industries.

When people talk about recycling metals, the idea tends to conjure up images of heading down to the local recycling centre with a box full of tin cans. However, while this is a valid form of recycling metal in its own right, there is one very powerful way that you can help the environment especially from a business perspective: Scrap Car Recycling.

The obvious recycling benefit is the recovery of steel from each vehicle which makes up 65% of an average cars total mass. In addition the salvage of working parts from a vehicle is another form of recycling. Steel is not the only valuable resource that can be recovered from a scrap vehicle; quantities of aluminium and even platinum can also be recycled.

Millions of tons of steel get scrapped every year across the country, the most important part is just how much energy this can save. According to reports recycling of the steel from salvaged cars requires 74% less energy than manufacturing it from raw materials.

New laws for ELV (End of Life Vehicles commonly referred to as ‘scrap’ vehicles) passed in the EU means that the days for cars sitting around in scrap yards rusting away is well and truly over.

Modern scrap yards and vehicle disposal companies like Carcycle are now incredibly environmentally efficient services, taking not only the serviceable parts and metal of a car but also removing and safely disposing of items like tires and batteries.

Improved business practices and intelligent regulations on recycling mean that getting rid of that old banger could actually provide more recycled materials than an entire years worth of trips to the bottle bank.

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