Direct Mail Post Cards

Direct Mail Post Cards from Keeps Printing Ltd

By: Keeps Printing Ltd  17/01/2011


Growing a business often requires getting back to basics and getting back to the raw essence of business – Communication!

One way to grow, keep and win-back those all important relationships with your customers is Direct Mail.

Despite the huge increase in internet marketing strategies, direct mail still has an important part to play.  It is much more measurable and targetable than most internet marketing campaigns and not much more expensive. If nothing else Direct Mail is the essential partner to any on-line marketing campaign.

After a successful first year running Direct Mail Campaigns for Chris Cardell, the UKs Renegade Millionaire Maker, Keeps Printing are using their expertise to help and assist

companies across the UK to achieve the same successes with their Direct Mail Campaigns.

Hailed by Chris Cardell at his Millionaire Retreat in London on 15, 16 & 17 October, Keeps Printing were in first class company with the ‘Godfather of Direct Mail’ Dan Kennedy from the USA. If you were lucky enough to attend the retreat there were many opportunities to benefit from Dan Kennedy’s wealth of experience, suggestions, tips and ‘real time’ hot seat solutions to typical ‘off-line’ marketing challenges.