Fears/Phobia's Workshops

Fears/Phobia's Workshops from EFT Workshops 4U

By: EFT Workshops 4U  15/09/2009
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EFT Workshops 4U  Offer regular Workshops to help you remove your Fears or Phobia's Our fears and Phobia's often go back to a childhood experience which has been stored in our bodies energy system.

 Using EFT which works by using the same meridian points that Acupuncture uses but without the needles, instead we simply tap/stimulate these points whilst tuning into our issues, this smooths out the disrupted energy releasing this trapped fear/phobia, simply, painlessly and permanently.
This is the best method available today.
 Even the NHS is acknowledging Acupuncture, the beauty is we do not use needles... simply empowering....Caution this works.
 Please bring a picture of your fear of phobia so you may test that EFT truly works for you...
I have never had a failure with Fear of Flying.
Sometimes a long established issues will take a little longer to remove but at
EFT Workshops 4U we never give up.. www.eftworkshops4u.co.uk
We are happy to arrange a course or private session just for you.

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