Posture Check Service

By: Body Back-Up  25/08/2009
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Submit two photographs and have your Posture Checked!  Ever wanted to have your posture checked, but have been worried about the cost & time of a visiting ergonomist or health professional?

Whether you are a small business, working from home or an individual who wants help - our innovative on-line Posture-Check Service solves that problem.

You may have concerns about your posture when playing golf, skiing or cycling. Good sports posture helps performance, avoids injury better flexibility and power delivery.

Many people spend large portions of their day sitting at desks or driving – how long do you spend?

As a result of poor sleeping habits, sitting positions or driving style, anyone can easily develop bad posture.

Bad habits can cause a compromise within the body that leads to inefficiency; the results bring pain, stiffness and dysfunction.

Bad posture can be the cause of spinal pain; it can make existing pain worse and last longer.

Poor posture is also a factor in conditions such as chronic headaches and shoulder pain

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