Shaolin Kung Fu

Shaolin Kung Fu from Chen Wu Kuan

By: Chen Wu Kuan  08/06/2009
Keywords: martial arts, self defence, weapons

Chen Wu Kuan - means the development of the martial arts society.
It's about helping you the student to develop to your own personal best level of achievement.
A system is a blend of traditional Northern and Southern Shaolin kung fu styles. Includes many influences by the late Grand Master Chee Kim Thong.
Training is good for:  self defence, confidence, fitness and discipline
Training session include (depending on ability) the use of hand and leg techniques for blocking, striking and throwing. Short weapons such as various types of swords, long weapons including staff and spear. Sessions include application of technique for self defence and for sparring.
All beginners are welcome at any of our traditional classes. For more advanced students we also offer modern sport wushu training.
CWK have a record of achievement in open competition that is unmatched, including winning the British Junior Championships 13 times. With many of our Members being included in both British Youth and Adult teams to compete at international level.
Head of the Association is:  Raymond Smith  8th duan black belt
President of the British Council for Chinese martial Arts; President of the European Wushu Federation (since 1985), Vice President of the International Wushu Federation, and many other titles and honours.

Keywords: kung fu, martial arts, self defence, weapons, Wushu