Working Abroad Considered as Career Aids as Believe by Brits

By:  09/11/2012
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Reports state that nearly four out of five Brits never lived abroad for more than six months for any purpose. British council has carried out a survey over 34% people who told that job prospects are better reason to get in a different country. 2114 UK based adults have participated in the study and share their views on this account. Reports say that younger people were more likely to thin that they may have better job prospects if they had get an opportunity for expatriate.

More than half of 18 to 24 years adults have answered on this question that they may have better careers if they had spent some time working and living abroad. British council director of education and society, Dr. Jo Beall has said that it is good to know that people are now accepting that how international skills are useful to enhance career opportunities. According to research result conducted in last year it has been found that several UK employers are giving more value to international experience in most cases and in some cases even before academic qualification.

Dr. Beall has further stated that it is not good that enough people in the UK are not getting benefits of opportunities to gain international experience. It is important for them to experience a change if they want UK business to compete the global market successfully. Working in abroad does not only boost up the individual’s skill but also their knowledge and awareness about the international market. They can learn language as well different skills to improve a business. It also clears the understanding at bigger picture. Candidates having experience to working abroad have always seen that knowledgeable and potential to adopt different employers with expert skills. However, latest studies on this issue have shown that now more Brits have recognized the importance of working abroad. They also find it as an extra sting when applying for a job in low potential market.  

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Keywords: health insurance, medical insurance, Private Health Insurance, private medical insurance



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