Travel Health Insurance: Necessary for Baby Boomers

By:  02/11/2012
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Leading health insurance expert has commented here on the latest research that is showing health problems among baby-boomers. He said that health problems can be commonly noticed among retired people over 65 and suggested for travel insurance. According to the expert, health problems are common in later years of life and majority of people face such trouble. There are several retiree individuals who have at least one medical issue by the time when they reach at retirement age. It is global issue and situation is also true for UK old age people.

Medical Research Council (MRC) Unit has organized a study for lifelong health and aging. The research study revealed that the average baby boomer has at least two common adverse medical conditions at the age of retirement. The study has listed 15 common disorders that include diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, liver diseases and high cholesterol issues. The survey has included 2661 men and women aged 60 to 64 years. It has been revealed in the study that most common clinical problem was high blood pressure and found in almost more than half participants.

Over half of surveyed had to visit their physician for hypertension. Another quarter those who surveyed reached to doctor for diabetes. Only one out of six were considered as condition free reaching at the age of retirement. Experts suggest that retirees having diabetes problem should take diabetes travel insurance to meet particular need and requirement when they consider traveling.

Health insurance expert has given his statement on this issue and stated that there is no secret in the fact that all gets old at some time where list of clinical complications gets longer. Old age and potential health problems going together hand by hand so, it is not easy to enjoy holidays in abroad at this age without a health insurance security.

Some specific travel health insurance policies cover pre-existing medical conditions. Such insurance plans are necessity for old age people. However, it is important to search widely for better shopping. Those who are seeking such plans should go for comparison websites to find a suitable plan with existing conditions.

Keywords: health insurance, medical insurance, Private Health Insurance, private medical insurance



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