Reports Reveals that Stronger Teens Live Longer

By:  24/11/2012
Keywords: health insurance, medical insurance

New research suggests that stronger muscle may help young people to live longer and it also give strength to fight with illness and diseases. The research has taken place at Sweden in which scientists have followed more than one million teenagers aged 16 to 19 over a period of twenty four years. The research results reveal that people having higher muscles strength in adolescence were higher chances to live after the age of 55.  Opposite of this people who have weak muscle strength in teen age are more likely to pass away before age of 55.

Previous studies on such factors have shown that higher body mass index (BMI) and high blood pressure at young age can increase the risk of losing life for someone due to several different reasons. In such situation, if you want to get full health security and coverage then it is essential to get private health insurance coverage. It is an efficient way for families to keep track of general physical well being. However, it is yet not clear that whether muscular strength in adolescence can predict life expectancy. New health studies have shown some innovative and positive health reports.
During latest health studies, participants were given exercises to test their handgrip strength; knee extension strength and elbow flex strength.

The results show it clearly that people with muscular strength was associated with a 20-35 percent lower risk of early death. They have also better BMI and blood pressure status. In present situation, everyone is well aware about the good results and better health insurance benefits of regular exercise, still there are several individuals who do not care on such recommendations. However, there is no any indication that building up muscles help people to live longer. More information and reports on such health status are available online.

Keywords: health insurance, medical insurance



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