Private Dental Plans Could Cost More than NHS- Pay as You Go

By:  06/11/2012
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Consumer watchdog reports have stated that private dental insurance policies costs high and consumer get shocked when it comes to settling a bill. Researchers have included 20 policies to see the payments made by them in two dental scenarios over a year. Reports have said that worst dental insurance policies make policy holder to pay up to 77 percent of treatment cost and any average dental policy leave the patients by making payments up to 50 percent of treatment cost.

Reports have further revealed that if a person take care of his/her teeth and owner of good oral health then only one or two routine physician visits are required in a year with NHS. It has been noted that annual premium cost is even more that pay as you go services. More people are now accessing NHS dental treatment. Reports show that 92 percent patients in England have access on NHS dental treatment between July and September 2011.

Majority of NHS dental insurance plans do no limit treatment cost. Only Boot Core plan caps treatment cost at £500 in a year. NHS and private dental health insurance plan have set maximum benefit limits for treatments and maintenance. They offer maximum of 50 percent of total treatment cost. If a person needs expensive dental treatment over a year then he may need to pay 84% of private treatment bill.

Recent surveys have revealed that 35 percent of people having dental insurance coverage are using dental payment plan (DPP). One out of three wants to avoid unexpected fees. DPPs are private medical insurance plans and further divided into two parts maintenance and capitation plans. Unlike dental insurance plans, insured person need to claim back for payments for treatment cost. There are several dental insurance plans but one should be careful on selection of the plans to get maximum benefit.

Keywords: health insurance, medical insurance, Private Health Insurance, private medical insurance



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