Preexisting Medical Condition Can Minimize Chances of Health Coverage

By:  22/10/2012
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It is common belief that people with preexisting medical situation have less chances of getting health insurance coverage. Several times, people who have preexisting medical condition avoid submitting their application for medical insurance plan as they set their mind that medical coverage are not available for them. But insurance experts have said that it is not impossible to get health insurance coverage for such people. It can be possible that they will get less value of insurance coverage depending upon the level of insurance coverage.

Policy limitations and exclusions are significant thing in that situation. If a person has preexisting medical situation then before applying for insurance coverage it is important to know the process of submitting application in that situation in order to get optimum benefit.

First thing is to find information, terms and conditions of different private health insurance plans. Difference health care plans may provide different approach towards coverage in preexisting health condition. Some plan exclude coverage for preexisting conditions on permanent basis whereas some others agree to provide coverage but after a set period of time. It is better to go through the plans that provide coverage for preexisting medical condition and prepare medical insurance application form.

It is important to specify preexisting medical condition in details. It is not fair to hide preexisting medical condition while submitting health insurance application. Failing to do so or providing wrong information may results into cancellation of your insurance coverage. Once a company cancels insurance coverage then it becomes impossible to obtain health insurance plan from another company in future.

In disclosure, it is important to explain the period when you have preexisting condition. The underwriting department generally agree to approve the application if you have preexisting condition in past. For ongoing patients or chronic disease it becomes difficult to get approval. Underwriting department is one who reviews the application and approves the same for further procedure.

These are some important thing that you must maintain while submitting your application for private medical insurance coverage with preexisting medical condition. It is important for everyone to get health security to avoid financial worries of health cost.

Keywords: health insurance, medical insurance, Private Health Insurance, private medical insurance



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