Health Insurance Cost Increase by 8% in UK

By:  30/10/2012
Keywords: health insurance, medical insurance, private medical insurance

Country employee health insurance cost can be increased with 8 percent by next year as expected by Seneca country commissioners. Health consultant of country with health care plans and official of corporate one benefit Ron Born have given his statements on Thursday morning at commissioner’s office about the country’s health plan going in 2013. Country’s commitment with CEBCO for three years is at the end and it has reached at 8 percent increase. Burns has also said that there will be no changes in the plan and deal is still well below the market. He further explained that after investigations they found other insurance plans were ranging between 18-25 percent over proposal renewal plan having increase of 8 percent. Burns has also said that it is recommended by commissioners to accept the 8 percent increase from CEBCO. Commission Jeff Wagner has said that 8% increase is reasonable cost.

Further while explaining the health plans, Burns has said that country offers two plans one is base that offers health savings account with high deductible cost and another is private health insurance coverage available with $1000 deductible plan. Ben Nutter the Board president has also supported HAS and in support of this he said that it gives significant impact on employees. He also said that country employee are getting less wages in comparison of before five years and it happens due to high living costs that also include higher costs of health care.

Nutter has said that this is right opportunity to support employees and he do not want to miss it though it is little helpful and cannot correct everything. Country should continue its wellness incentive program in addition of HSA. Wagner has said that slighter increase in private medical insurance is also positive. He said to continue the HSA and wellness program of country. Other officials have also supported this increase.

The board will approve bill vouchers to adjust $93.75 for soil and water conservation district in new adjustments. It includes many figures related to the development of country in various departments. On behalf of Seneca Country Airport, a solution authorized the contract agreement with Shaferly Excavating LTD.

Keywords: health insurance, medical insurance, Private Health Insurance, private medical insurance



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