Dental Care Cost in London Increased with Double Rate

By:  10/11/2012
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New figures, released in the week have revealed that the cost of receiving dental care has gone on hike. In some parts of the capital, the cost to receive some specific dental treatment has doubled. The treatment cost with similar health threats varies widely between two postcodes. New figures released on dental treatment cost have caused bigger confusion among consumers over the price. Customers are totally confused on the price that they should pay for the treatment that they are receiving for specific health adverse situation.

Figures revealed that dental patients of London who are getting dental treatment from a private dentist in North London are paying additional 20% this year for routine check-ups than they were paying in previous year. The surprising thing is that those who are dwelling at EC postal district are facing total rise of only 4% for same service.

Reports revealed by The Evening Standard say that in Central London, there are fourteen percent rise in treatment charges. Patients are facing big differences in cost in compare of previous and suffering difficulties. This rise is higher than anywhere else in London. Those having bridges are paying 16 percent more in EC postal area.

Another reports revealed by a health agency has confirmed that the dental care cost in North West London is almost in double hike in last 12 months. It is important to note here that Central London has faced a rise of almost 75% for similar treatments. Patients from West London are now paying 65% more than previous year. It has been calculated that an average trip to dentist in London has increased by 7%.

Office for Fair Trading (OFT) has also released recent figures on such hike. It has released a report earlier this year which state for urgent reform in UK dentistry market. It has says this after an investigation which shows that dentists may mislead patients over their entitlement to get NHS care and treatment. Dental health insurance policies should be avoided as significant shortfall patients can occur. However, there are also good plans that can help to get right treatment in low premium.

Keywords: health insurance, Private Health Insurance, private medical insurance



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