Brits Avoid Disclosing Their Bank’s Statements

By:  10/11/2012
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According to a financial study, it has been revealed that one out of three Brits avoid opening their bank statements because they feel unwilling towards facing the situation of their finances. Reports also revealed that about 20 percent of UK reluctant to see their bank statements or make delays to look at their financial statement. They even avoid opening envelope send from banks. Barclay’s sponsored report revealed that people were scared of the things that might happen and avoid reading their financial statements.

The reports show that there were over nine million of people in UK who do not open their bank statement every month. This is really a big number all over the country in UK.

Research studies revealed that UK people who live in Scotland are more likely to not open their bank’s statements every month. Actually people are scare of payments if they have borrowed overdrafts or even any other form of loans like logbook loans or personal loans. There are several individuals who fail to make payments in time and further avoid collection calls or letters that make the things problematic at the end.

According to survey reports, about 44 percent of people in Scotland do not open their bank statements even on monthly basis. Reports also say that about 25 percent people of UK avoid opening their bank’s statements on regular basis. People have accepted that they do not open the envelope that they receive from the bank. People from south Wales also keep their bank’s statement aside. There is one out of 14 people have accepted that they do not care where the money goes. They also dislike receiving reminded about overdrafts. Same number of people accepted that they know about their low financial situation but they are just pretending that everything is okay about their finance.

Keywords: loan against car, Secured Loans



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