Borrowers May Lose Their Car if Fails to Repay the Amount

By:  22/10/2012
Keywords: logbook loans, bad credit secured loan, loan against car

According to recent financial figure it has been noticed that several debtors lose their car due to default on loans. It has been concluded that people who have borrowed loans against their car fail to repay the amount due to some financial trouble and finally lose their ownership over the car according to repayment terms. So, debt experts have suggested that it is important to examine the terms of car Title loans or logbook loans before borrowing the amount. It will help to set a manageable repayment plan based on income. It will help to avoid default or late payments and finally there will be less chances of losing your car or automobile against which the loan has been borrowed.

Some Important Facts about Car Title Loans:

These are short term borrowing option for debtors secured against automobile. These loans can be a reasonable choice for those having low credit score. But you must remember that it involve the risk of losing your car in case of non repayment of the amount. These loans are called as car title loans because borrower pledge to hand over the vehicle if fails to repay the amount. Applicant must be owner of the car to qualify for this borrowing option. These loans are available for short term usually for 30 days however; there is limited renewal option for these loans.

These loans are somewhat different from logbook loans. Both loans are secured against the car but repayment terms and length are different. Car title loans are available with higher interest rate. However, you will get better interest rate in compare of unsecured loans.

Losing the vehicle is major problem of these loans. So, expert suggest to realize own financial circumstances and ability to pay back the amount before borrowing to minimize the risk associated with vehicles.

Keywords: bad credit secured loan, loan against car, logbook loans



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