HSBC Offers Lowest Mortgage Rate Ever for Its Consumers

By:  03/12/2012
Keywords: personal loans, Debt consolidation

HSBC has announced for new fixed rate on mortgage lending at 1.99%. This is lowest rate announced by HSBC ever available for two year fixed rate on mortgage payments. Borrowers can access this deal with a 40% deposit or equity which is ensure to provide security for borrowed amount at the lowest rate of 1.99% for a fee of £1,499 or £1,999 for current account holders of HSBC. If you are thinking of investing your property to manage cash then compare mortgage lenders at loan comparing sites.
HSBC head of mortgage Peter Dockar has said that there is very low chance of increase in rate of bank base rate in near future and it is expected to be remain at lower level for some time being. Bank of England can announce for surprising results based upon the new financial policy announced by new government. He also added that there is no information whether the new government follow the same monetary policy committee or bring changes in available terms. He said all these things while commenting on introduction of low rate 60% loan to value (LTV) mortgage.

Head has also added that increasing number of consumers is seeking mortgage loans for different purpose like debt consolidation, credit card payments, investments etc. People need fixed rate mortgage loans in present economic situation. He also stated that trend should be continuing for few years to help people in improving their financial stability.

He announced to offer competitive rate benefits for HSBC consumers in account f bank. Apart from mortgage rates, there have also made changes in rates of other financial options. Another mortgage rate is fixed at 2.49% with £599 fee at 2 year fix rate of 60% LTV. 3.19% fix rate is available for LTV five year with £499 fee and 3.39% is fixed rate for 60% LTV for five years at no fee.

Keywords: Debt consolidation, personal loans



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