Expert Say Treat Debt Consolidation and Credit Counseling Differently

By:  19/10/2012
Keywords: Debt consolidation, consolidation loans, debt consolidation loans

Stop making payments of your debts in never a solution to get out of the trouble. It has been found that people who are unable to manage payments due to low paying jobs and unstable financial situation avoid facing their creditors. Even they avoid collection calls and letters. But this is never a solution was said by debt experts. Consumers may face reimbursement or other court actions by doing so. So it is advised to seek alternative repayment options in order to avoid the trouble.

Reports have said that there are several consumers who cannot continue with monthly payments even in debt consolidation due to high monthly payments. Those who promise to take lower monthly payment make debtors to pay more towards interest amount in longer repayment length. A debtor has said that he has total $60000 and in debt consolidation she will need to make $900 a month continue for 10 months to get out of debt that he cannot afford. Other repayment solutions are also offering the similar situations that he cannot handle.

If you are also facing the similar situation and think debt consolidation is not efficient option to get out of debt in full then better to seek advice from debt experts. Debt consolidation loans can help the person only if he gets success to find a loan at lower interest rate. But finding this combination is not easier especially if you have bad credit rating. Here, walking away from the situation is not the solution. There are other options. Several non profit credit counseling services are available who offer free advices and appropriate repayment plan for such debtors. They can help to find appropriate combination of repayment plan in your situation.  They have their own arrangement with banks and lending agencies to lower interest rate and repayment terms for the benefits of consumers.

Keywords: consolidation loans, Debt consolidation, debt consolidation loans



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