Debt Consolidation Helps to Improve Finance of Port Manatee

By:  23/10/2012
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Financial world has been waiting eagerly for any good news and finally the day come on Thursday. Port Authority/BOCC special meeting on Thursday commissioners have voted to bring economic house in order. It has done this by adopting the Resolution PA12-17 and PA12-18. It is very much like a mortgage modifications, their payments have set down at very manageable rate by making small changes and off in payments. They did this to make the payments easier.

Port Manatee has made a move by decreasing payment rate at low level. Municipal bond interest rate is dramatically at very low level. This rate of low interest has been noticed first time from beginning. One official from MBS capital markets, Mr. Ed Bulleit, has arranged new repayment terms for the outstanding debts of Port by consolidation the amount through debt consolidation process at new lower rate and flexible terms. It comes to know that new interest rate has been set at low level of 3.6 percent at commercial debt papers which was previously set at variable rates.

Authority to issue revenue bonds time to time for financing and refinancing port facilities has been authorized in Resolution PA12-17 while PA12-18 is authorized to negotiate sales with a cap of amount.

The lower rate of interest 3.6 is fixed for 30 years. The goal to manage finance of port is production of a vehicle which would provide revenue at the time of need. The process has observed the past debts and dealings. Port has finally get success to put these entire unpaid amounts under one umbrella through debt consolidation loans. Port has accepted more financial decisions in resolution.

Port has decided for no any new borrowings. It will result into a successful financial improvement. Lower interest rate and healthy finance is additional advantage for the port.

Keywords: consolidation loans, Debt consolidation, debt consolidation loans



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