Bankruptcy Affects on Joint Debt- Who will Pay the Amount?

By:  27/11/2012
Keywords: Debt consolidation, debt consolidation loans

It is general concern for individuals about joint mortgage or debts when they go bankrupt. The effects of bankruptcy for if any individual go bankrupt with a joint account then its affects can be different based upon available options and circumstances. Joint debts could include the unpaid debts like overdrafts, mortgages or bank loans. Joint debts are based upon a contract where both parties are liable to pay back full debt amount. These loans are available with several liability agreements.
Before you declare bankrupt, it is essential to consider that what will happen to joint debt. There are several outcomes that must be addressed to find right approach for personal situation.

In case of joint account the repayment is based upon the debt agreement where if either of joint parties is no longer eligible to pay back the amount then other party will take full responsibility to pay back the money in full. If you are going to declare bankrupt then you must mention about joint debts at the time of explaining other debts. You will no longer be responsible to pay back joint debts if you declare bankrupt. However, other partner of joint debt will be full responsible to pay back the amount. If there is any income payment agreement based upon partnership then there will be some changes in repayment schedule for joint debts.

If joint account holder is unable to pay back the amount in full then there are some different circumstances to deal with the payments. If you declare bankrupt then third party must be able to pay back the joint debts. If that party is also not efficient to pay back the amount alone then he may consider debt management advices like IVA or other insolvency solutions. If that person thinks that debt consolidation will help to manage the existing debts then he may also go for that. You cannot help the party with any spare income for joint debt payments.

Keywords: Debt consolidation, debt consolidation loans



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