By: Sole and Healing  08/09/2010
Keywords: stress, reflexology

Reflexology is an ancient holistic therapy which is applied to the feet and hands. It is conducted by applying a firm pressure with the thumbs and fingers.

Reflexologists believe that the body is reflected on the feet. The feet are divided into ten zones vertically to help locate the body’s organs and sensitivities. Any discomfort found in a particular zone could indicate and imbalance any where in that zone. So, the large toes represent the head and an organ that is; say on the left side of the body will be on the left foot.

Reflexology can not cure ailments, but works on the internal subtle energy flows to rebalance and create “homeostatis” in all the systems of the body. It also works on the mind, body, and spirit as well as encouraging the body to heal it’s self.

There are quite a few cultures that have a history of some sort of foot treatment. The main cultures are that of China, India, Japan and Europe.

The earliest proof of foot treatment appears in an Egyptian tomb of ANKMAHOR AT SAQQARA IN ABOUT 2,330 BC. He was an official who is believed to be a physician. This tomb has a picture of two people having a treatment by their slaves and the caption says “Don’t hurt me.” “I shall act so as you praise me.”

Around 1909 Dr Fitzgerald discovered zone therapy and went on to develop it further – eventually using it on his patients.

One person who believed in Fitzpatrick, was a Dr Shelby-Riley. He used this method in his practice for many years.

During the 1930’s Eunice Ingham began working for Dr Shelby-Riley and it was she who had a profound effect on the development of Reflexology.

The name ‘Reflexology’ is her idea.

She shared her knowledge with many people, some were professionals and some not.   

She used her nephew Dwight Byers (pictured) as a guinea pig and also trained him to practise Reflexology. It is Dwight Byers who founded The International School of Reflexology in St Petersburg, Florida. Her legacy now continues under her nephew Florida.

Keywords: reflexology, stress