Emotional Freedom Technique

By: Sole and Healing  19/08/2014
Keywords: holistic therapies, Reiki Healing, spiritual healing

Emotional Freedom Technique is an amazing therapy that helps address the negative issues that have laid hidden and cause distress. After taking a consultation, I help the patient find the areas of their life that still cause distress after some time. Using the techniques and talking, issue by issue is addressed and relived till the distress is no longer present.

Keywords: holistic therapies, Reiki Healing, spiritual healing

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Many may gain peace of mind after having a sitting



Clients have improvement to ailments such as bad back, knee injuries, stiff neck. Emotional blocks can be relieved and a general sense of calm and relaxation. The benefits of healing are many and various. You do not ‘have’ to believe in healing to be treated, just willingness to feel well. I use all of the healing methods combined into one powerful treatment. Each method has specialities to be able to be moulded for each persons needs.



Reflexology can help with almost every condition: - Sinusitis, Infertility, Circulatory problems, Menopausal problems, Thyroid imbalances, Migraines are renowned to be helped greatly, Gout and many more… Please do not hesitate to ask me about the effectiveness of reflexology if you have a particular ailment in mind. I have also completed a course in ‘Reflexology & The Intestinal Link’ with Ann Gillanders to enhance my Reflexology treatments. I have also attended seminars on Infertility and


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By offering this type of service, anyone who wishes treatment are not excluded because they are too far away. They can be treated in their own homes and can avoid any unnecessary travel and stress.