Mobility scooters: A smart solution

By: Eclipse Medical  16/05/2011
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Its time to celebrate! Disabled people whose movements have been restricted due to various reasons like age, accident or disease can enjoy mobility freedom with shoprider’s product. The aim of these products is to add movement in the life of discerned individuals. Depending upon the need, a person can avail comprehensive range of scooters which are incorporated with state-of-art technology. Add-on features like warranty, ease of storage, etc makes these products an obvious choice for needy people. Manufactured strictly according to the ISO9001 quality standards, this increases the reliability of mobility products.

These are smart solution for indoor and outdoor movements. Moreover, they are portable and can be easily break-down into carried parts. Selection of mobility scooters can be done on the basis of 3 or 4 wheeled types. The 3 wheeled products possess various features like they are maneuverable and handy for users who are looking for more leg space. Secondly, they are more solid and durable in nature as they retain ability to make turns easily with front wheel. Thirdly, it is convenient for people with tall and achy knee. Lastly, these 3-wheel types are recommended for both indoor and light outdoor use as some models come with features like headlights, tail lights, and turn signals for moving on roads and sidewalks.

On other hand, one can enjoy rugged and stabile life with 4 wheeled scooters. These are backed with features like it offers more stability than three wheeled category as two back wheels and two front wheels is considered as an excellent choice for maintaining balance. Secondly, it is best for carrying out movements in rough terrain areas, wet grass or loose dirt. Many models can be used in steep hills and curbs. Thirdly, 4-wheeled version is enhanced stability of the extra wheel which is safe at higher speeds say up to 10 mph.

Depending upon the financial budget, a person can check out brand new or used vehicles for making his or her indoor and outdoor movements. There are many online shops available on internet that offers discounted rates for these electric devices. So, before making any decision, it is important to compare and contrast the quotes from different owners.

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Keywords: Eclipse, lift chairs, medical, power chairs

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