Mobility Scooters A Handy Solution for Everyone

By: Eclipse Medical  26/02/2011
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With a little investment, disabled person can make his living independent. The market offers a comprehensive range of mobility scooters and various aids to meet the requirements of disabled users. These vehicles are similar to a wheelchair with a difference that they are configured more a like a motor scooter. The power operated or electric vehicles have a comfortable seat over 3, 4 and 5 wheels.

For safe and reliable performance, the users can opt for mobility products which are backed with state-of-art technology. A genuine warranty makes these products an obvious choice for disabled people. With ease of disassembly or storage feature, one can easily carry it in a car trunk when going out for easy storage.

The mobility scooters incorporated with 3 wheels are considered to be more portable for putting into a car trunk. These vehicles works well in tighter quarters, for instance it can be used for indoor purposes. In comparison, 4 wheelers offer more stability on hills/ inclines. They can comparatively manage more weight and are larger in size.

These powered vehicles are considered for people with systemic or whole-body disabling conditions i.e. who can easily stand and walk a few steps, sit upright without support, and can control steering. Depending upon the choice and need, one can avail lift chairs, power chairs, scooters and so on. All the Shoprider products are designed as per the ISO-9001 manufacturing standards.

With the help of mobility scooters, a disabled person can enjoy freedom to perform many activities which may be tough otherwise. Depending upon the budget, a person can look for brand new and used vehicles for making indoor and outdoor movements easily. Online shopping can provide the users with cheap or discounted options. So, it is better to check the quotes from different owners.

Lastly, people with physical handicap or impairment need not have to limit their range of activities as mobility scooters provide freedom to move indoor and outdoor. Many people across the nation are enjoying the independent life as vehicles are affordable than powered wheelchairs and it is being procured as a cheaper alternative.

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Keywords: Eclipse, medical, mobility scooters, power chairs

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