Small Pet Kennels

By: Guinea Pig Getaway  01/09/2010
Keywords: small pet boarding, Small Pet Kennels

The Small Pet Kennels that we provide offer rabbits and guinea pigs  two hutches.. These small pet kennels easily house up to two rabbits or a small group of guinea pigs. Guineapig Getaway also provide large double storey hutches.

Your pets will receive access to  to exercise runs  with tunnels and toys to ensure they receive adequate exercise and enjoy their stay at guinea pig getaway. Every evening all pets will be locked in their hutches for safety.

The only exclusions from the runs is on severely bad weather days. The Hutches are extremely spacious and airy and so your small pets should not be affected by bad weather. Be sure to book early . as their is only limited kennels for your small pets. We can also accommodate for single guinea pigs, they will be housed in a slightly smaller hutch that has a separate exercise run.The Guinea Pig Getaway is situated in a sectioned off part of the garden and is set up on a patio to enable better hygiene. 
Daily Care
Your pets will be given fresh food and water daily.
Fresh vegtables and hay will be supplied daily.
Grooming if necessary. Amongst this lots of love and attention.
Each day each cage will be spot cleaned or fully cleaned if needed. Litter trays will be changed, and dry bedding supplied. Between each guests visit a full disinfectant is given to accommodation and accessories.

Keywords: small pet boarding, Small Pet Kennels