Loans for People on Benefits: Quick Money for the Unemployed

By: Cheap Loans For People Benefits  10/03/2011
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When bad luck hits and credit score is poor then it is always hard to borrow money from any lender. Rushing to banks won’t help as most them give loans to people on benefits-they consider them as high risk liabilities. However, we should not despair as we can still get some money being approved as quickly and efficiently for people on benefits-the credit history notwithstanding. Payday companies will be happy to oblige the loan requested without minding the borrower’s state of affaires but at higher premiums.

Loan types for people on benefits.

Doorstep loans: - Doorstep lenders are lawful lenders that sharks offer instant loans for people on benefits. However, the borrower needs to proof that they can be able to repay the availed loan money, your joblessness or being out of work does not matter. The borrower’s credit history is normally not an issue with these loans.

Family loans:-To avoid being charged the astronomical interest rates, a person can borrow from family members-that is provided they themselves are not financially incapacitated. It has never hurt anybody to ask apart maybe, their pride. The borrower will be able to spread the cost of the repayment at their own pace as relatives normally don’t rush other family members when they are in problems.

Pawnbrokers: - Pawnbrokers are shop owners who offer same day loans for people on benefits without minding about their joblessness status. Normally they don’t do a credit check on the borrower, rather they will request some form of collateral like jewelry, electronic equipment, gold to advance the requested loan amounts. The borrower receives the money immediately, however their rates of interest is quite high.

The rate of interest on loans for people on benefits varies from one lender to the other, though the loans do not come cheaply. This is irrespective of providing security pledges-for example, a loan from a pawn shop cost around 20% on interest rates on a monthly basis. It even becomes more expensive if a borrower defers payment to the next month.

Dangers associated with loans for people on benefits

Although loans for people on benefits are essential financial problems solvers, caution should be taken when applying for them. Once you have deferred the monthly payments, the interest chargeable keeps on increasing thus increasing the overall cost of the loan. The general cost of this loan is quite expensive in comparison to the traditional bank loans.

Before you have settled for the lender to get the loan from, seek advice from the free online credit counseling service, so as to be able to make the right decision as regards the loan.

Melissa Mia is advisor of Cheap Loans for People on Benefits.For any dss benefits,Unemployment Benefit Loans visit

Keywords: dss benefits

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Melissa Mia is advisor of Cheap Loans for People on Benefits.For any Cheap Loans, Loans for people on benefits visit


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