Katie Rourke Dowding, Award Winning Groomer, is looking for a dog to compete with...

Katie Rourke Dowding, Award Winning Groomer, is looking for a dog to compete with... from Centre Stage Dog Grooming

By: Centre Stage Dog Grooming  06/07/2011
Keywords: Bath, dog clipping

If you think you own the right dog, or you know someone who does, please call me so we can arrange a free assessment.


There's quite a lot to think about and this is not a decision to be taken lightly.

The right dog could be a show dog who is at the at the end of its career?

Or a well put together crossbred dog - labradoodle perhaps, or cockerpoo? ... Its the scissory coat I need, not a specific breed...

However, regardless of breed, good temperament and correct confirmation are VITAL.

The dog cannot be too fat, nor too thin and must be friendly with judges (!!) and other dogs.

The dog must travel well and be happy in a crate for short periods of time (or overnight if necessary).

A neutered dog presents fewer problems (like the bitch coming into season on the day of the competition!)

I own already Standard Poodle with whom I can compete in this class at this level, but a) she's 8 now and I'd like to retire her and b) I would prefer to be competing with a smaller dog that falls into the two hour category.

Most competitions require a minimum of 6 weeks growth, I prefer 8, would you be prepared for your dog to look like an "unmade bed" for a couple of weeks before the competition? ... could you resist the temptation to trim eyes so your dog can see out if necessary? (If the fringe is an issue - I can band it up for you).

I'll happily do a Shower-Massage-And-Brush-out once a week for free, but can you / would you otherwise maintain the dog (knot free) inbetween?

Most of the competitions are a considerable distance away - would you be happy for your dog to stay with me overnight before the competion?

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

Keywords: Bath, dog clipping