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By: [email protected]  11/11/2014
Keywords: CNC machining, RAPID PROTOTYPING

Aluminum is the most commonly used metal in high-pressure die casting. Aluminum alloys generally contain silicon,copper, zinc, and iron. Melting is occurred in aluminum machining and the reaction is accelerated at high temperatures and pressure, both of which are commonly found in high-pressure die casting. Silicon improves the fluidity and also forms a low-melting eutectic with aluminum. The most commonly used aluminum alloy has a nominal composition of 8.5% silicon and 3.5% copper and a melting range of 540-595°C (1000 – 1100°F). Some alloys have significantly higher melting temperatures and thus pose greater challenges to die lubrication. Integrated Alloys Machining We have a range of equipment to make sure the perfected integrated production, such as CNC machining center. After that, surface treatment is also must involved, Heat treatment, polishing, galvanized, anodizing, spraying, and painting and so on. Qualification assurance The machining department has 15 CNC machining centers that include vertical, horizontal, CNC tapping centers, a large part bridge mill, and three large bed CNC routers. The largest parts precision is ± 0.05mm, and we allow maximum ocoordinate inspection to meet precise dimensions by using digital probing. We are specializing in machining aluminum pieces to your specifications. Our CNC machining centers are specially designed for aluminum prototypes with both effectively and efficiently. Also, our aluminum CNC machining services will provide you with a professional team that will analyze your project carefully and process it on the most efficient machining center for the job to optimize your time and cost. Excellent team With the help of our expert team, our aluminum CNC machining services fabricating your personalized aluminum parts. You can rest assured knowing your project will be developed according to your expectations with the quality you deserve. Our fully automated pressure casting molding machines and our intelligently system enable us to achieve predictable and repeatable results. Aluminum sand casting has evolved into a premier casting process for low and high volume applications. KAIAO mockups and machines aluminum machining prototypes using automated processes and the latest technology with the help of computer quality controls. Our dedication is to being a leader in china rapid prototype to assure our customers get the highest quality aluminum castings at the most affordable price. KAIAO Company serves as a pioneer in the rapid prototypes back in the 1995s with the development of the prototyping industry, and today we continue to produce high quality products to meet different customers’ requirements. Learn more about our aluminum machining services in KAIAO, contact us.

Keywords: CNC machining, RAPID PROTOTYPING

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