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By: Holistic Hypnotherapy  30/09/2012
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HOW TO BECOME A NON-SMOKER If you are one of the many smokers who find the idea of stopping a little difficult then take heart. Stopping can be made easy by the powerful combination of hypnotherapy and psycho-visual therapy available from Holistic Hypnotherapy. To help you make an informed decision about your therapy lets take a look at smoking and gain a clearer understanding of the habit and even dispel a myth or two! Trying to stop - Why is it that we never realise how strong a habit has become until we try to stop it? Nothing illustrates this better than the smoking habit. Many people feel ‘addicted' to cigarettes but the smoking habit isn't quite what we think it is. You see nicotine addiction only lasts for around three days and over half the people who stop never even feel its effects! So what then is it that makes stopping smoking seem such an ordeal? The habit itself - Habit is formed by repetition, the more repetition the stronger the habit. How many times a day does a smoker lift a cigarette to their lips? And for how many years? Habits are stored in the subconscious mind. This part of our mind wants to protect us and everything we have learned such as skills and habits so when we 'forget' to smoke the subconscious creates powerful withdrawal symptoms to remind us to light up. It makes sense therefore to get this part of our mind 'on our side'. Emotions - Often we smoke when emotions are high, at certain times of the day when we may be feeling more stress. Another example is that smoking nearly always follows the strong emotional pleasure of eating. This emotional component greatly increases the drive to smoke. Addressing these emotional 'trigger' components is a vital and fundamental part of any good stop smoking therapy. Hidden benefits - Add to this the fact that people only `do what works' and you may begin to see that smoking may actually be providing some sort of hidden benefit to the smoker. No-one would spend all that money on cigarettes if they were not getting some sort of benefit from them (e.g. distraction,calming etc). Usually this benefit is in the form of 'time out' from stressful situations of work or family. These factors add up to a much more powerful influence than just nicotine alone! So now the habit is a little better understood lets look at how best to deal with it. Hypnotherapy - has been recognised for many years as a very powerful aid in helping people with all sorts of emotional or behavioural issues and even some physical ones too! Stop smoking therapy is one of the best known of these. Our hypnotherapy session is directed toward dealing with the way you experience the above factors so that you can completely eliminate the desire to smoke. Your session - Hypnosis is a natural state of mind, a very pleasant state often producing pleasant levels of relaxation. During your session you will be guided into this natural state of hypnosis. Although relaxed you will be awake and aware at all times during the experience. While in this state of hypnosis we can negotiate the necessary changes as your subconscious mind is now more open to suggestions for beneficial change. Your stop smoking session is pleasant and takes only 1½ hours to complete. STOP SMOKING NOW 0843 289 30 40 Being an ex-smoker myself I am only too aware of the powerful grip smoking seems to exert. I have studied the smoking habit for many years from both sides of the issue! Over that time I have identified many underlying patterns and influences that keep smokers trapped in the habit. To answer these effectively I have brought together all the elements that have been found to be especially effective, drawing on my own experience and that of other therapists. As an ex-smoker I understand the issues well and have empathy with my clients. If you are ready to become a non-smoker please contact me to arrange a session.

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