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By: Holistic Hypnotherapy  30/09/2012
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Holistic Hypnotherapy is not just excellent clinical hypnotherapy. Its philosophy goes much further than that as we treat the person as a whole: Mind, Body, Spirit. No issue occurs in isolation as they are all connected to our thoughts, emotions, experiences the situation or circumstances surounding the issues. Please be assured that your inner mind knows the 'story' of the issue and has all the resources necessary to put things right. The therapist's job is to facillitate that healing in cases where it seems the issue won't go away, has become a problem or is overwhelming the person. Now they feel they cannot do it for themselves and just need a little help to sort things out. This happens to all of us at some time in our lives so it is good to know that there is effective help available whether its a bad habit or a deeper problem stemming from difficult life events. Read down for a sample of the kinds of conditions Holistic Hypnotherapy can help. What Conditions Can it Help? Mind - Fears, Phobias, Panic Attacks,Compulsions, Anxiety, Studying etc Habits - Smoking, Alcoholism, Drugs, Hairpulling, Teeth Grinding, Nail Biting etc Emotions - Anger, Grief, Depression, Sadness, Stress etc Physical symptoms - Arthritis, Bursitis, Psoriasis, Pain, Asthma, Excema, M.E, I.B.S, M.S, C.F.S and Accelerated Healing of Sprains, Broken Bones, Burns, Trapped Nerves, Bad Backs etc What Benefits can be Expected? Hypnotherapy operates on the principle that the mind runs the body. The subconscious mind contains all our memories, experiences, emotions, beliefs, feelings etc. Any disturbance or trauma in these areas will have an effect on a persons behaviour or emotions or even produce physical symptoms. It stands to reason, therefore, that correcting the inbalance or disturbances in the mind and emotions will lead directly to a cessation in symptoms both emotional and physical. This is exactly what happens; many, many people have taken a few sessions of hypnotherapy and freed themselves from the ailments listed above and so many others. If you have symptoms you think hypnotherapy may help then why not give Martin a call on 08452893040 There's no obligation; it's just a friendly chat to explore your issues and how hypnotherapy might help. You never know... This could be just what you need.

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