instrumentation & sensors for metrology, meteorology & indoor environmental mesasurement

instrumentation & sensors for  metrology, meteorology & indoor  environmental mesasurement from Barber InSys

By: Barber InSys  05/01/2011
Keywords: thermal imaging, data loggers, moisture meters

A range of high precision hand held  & bench top precision digital thermometer for temperature measurement & quality control applications, standard platinum resistance thermometers (SPRT's) & for Primary & Secondary temperature calibration Laboratories. & Fluidised Bed temperature calibration baths to calibrate thermometers & probes using the calibration by comparison method of calibrating thermometers. Blackbody calibration baths for calibrating infrared non-contact thermometers.


Ex rated hand held digital thermometers for use, both contact & non-contact types.

Robust Digital thermometers for catering: food processing/food core temperature measurement, & quality control () applications. Food thermometers typically have a flat keyboard surface for easy cleaning, including some with an anti bacterial coated surface and probe handle for increased hygiene levels.

Process temperature Chart recorders for recording temperature during of carbon steels: traditional fan fold paper and paperless types.

Low cost hand held real time Infrared Thermal Imaging Cameras for predictive maintenance, condition monitoring, electrical panels & switchgear , inspection, building energy surveys, veterinary & equine use, & bespoke applications

Hand held "gun" type digital non-contact digital infrared thermometers & also hand held optical Digital Infrared Radiation Pyrometers featuring data logging, single & dual wavelength types for high temperature non-contact surface temperature measurements up to 3000°C.


High speed On-line digital infrared pyrometers, including fibre optic types, for various process applications such as glass & steel production lines.

Pharmaceutical Clean room monitoring environmental sensors to monitor critical parameters such as airflow, particle size, temperature/humidity & differential pressure.

Environmental data loggers supplied with software & PC cable. Software upgrades are available to permit data export to spreadsheets & to meet FDA guidelines. Traditional mechanical thermo-hygrograph's are also available.

Latest next generation Calibration Management Software  for QA managers. Designed with ease of use in mind & is available with optional add on modules such as FDA compliance, pipette calibration and test equipment status.

 : Automated Temperature Calibration & logging software.

Hand held industrial instrumentation  for HVAC & refrigeration engineers, including digital differential pressure meters, digital airflow meters, digital thermometers & also a room CO2 monitoring for controlling ventilation systems, digital hygrometers for indication of relative humidity, wet bulb or dew point temperature, including data logging meters.


Keywords: Calibration Management Software, data loggers, moisture meters, thermal imaging