Highest Rated Supplements in the World USANA Nutritionals were named the best of the best

Highest Rated Supplements in the World USANA Nutritionals were named the best of the best from Usana UK Health Sciences

By: Usana UK Health Sciences  02/10/2010

 Nutritionals You Can Trust

Usana focuses on safety, efficacy and quality during the research and manufacture of their nutritional products. That is why the Usana products have received endorsements from professional athletes and medical professionals alike. With exclusive patents, award winning products and numerous third party accolades, Usana’s products are truly nutritionals you can trust. Please watch video 1 to learn more about the Usana products =>

Usana Essentials and Optimizers

The first Usana product range is the Essentials. The Essentials should ideally be used on a daily basis, as they provide the body with all of the necessary anti-oxidants (vitamins) and minerals required to safeguard the body’s cells against free radical damage. Free radical damage can cause degenerative disease over extended periods of time, so everyone is likely to benefit from using this particular range. To learn more about the Essentials range, please click the link below:

The second product range is the Optimizers. The Optimizers are designed to enable us to customise our own nutritional programme based on personal health requirements. Learn more by clicking on the link below:

MyHealthPak - The Future of Supplementation

MyHealthPak is your very own personalised supplement pack. You select the supplements you want from the Essentials and Optimizer ranges and your MyHealthPak is created with your name on it. Usana’s MyHealthPak is the future of supplementation. Check out video 2 to learn more =>

Usana Macro-optimizers

Usana’s third product range is the Macro-optimizers. The Macro-optimizers range consists of meal replacements and healthy snacking options.

Get Set to Reset

Video 3 describes the Usana Reset programme and explains the difference between many other products that are available and the Usana’s healthy, low glycemic alternatives.

Find out how proper nutrition can help you to look and feel great with leading nutrition expert Dr. Ray Strand. Learn how easy and convenient Reset can be and how to position yourself for continued success in meeting your goals =>

Usana Sense Beautiful Sciences

The fourth product range is the Sense Skincare and personal care products.

Learn The Science Behind The Sense Skincare Range

Regina Hamlin, M.D. chief of dermatology at four major California hospitals explains the ageing process of our skin and how Sense can work for you. Please watch video 4 to learn more =>


Do You Require Assistance Choosing Products?

If you are unsure which products would benefit your health, based upon your personal needs and lifestyle, please take advantage of the Usana product advisor below.  Click on the link for personalised product recommendations:

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