Stainless Steel Cable Tray Medium Duty Return Flange

Stainless Steel Cable Tray Medium Duty Return Flange from Lasnek

By: Lasnek  21/01/2009

Using 1.2mm 304 - 1.4301(2B) or 1.2mm 316L - 1.4404 stainless steel, the Lasnek Medium Duty Return Flange (MDRF) tray is designed for applications requiring increased rigidity.

Manufactured using a return side wall of 30mm, MDRF is ideal for transporting medium duty cabling whilst maintaining system dimensions of the MDSF.

Available in 3 metre lengths and with a full complement of fittings and accessories, the MDRF tray ensures a high standard for any installation.

Standard Features

:- Material: 1.2mm 304 – 1.4301 (2B) stainless steel
:- Wall: Return edge 9mm, de-burred 30mm high
:- Lengths: 3 Metre - Complete with associated coupler and 8 fixings
:- Flat Fittings: Choice of angles - complete with cranked coupler and fixings
:- Couplers: Three sided - rigid for lengths, adjustable for fittings
:- Accessories & Brackets: Available for all sizes and configurations


:- Material: 1.2mm 316L – 1.4404 (2B) stainless steel
:- Cover: Available for lengths and fittings