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Posted on January 11th, 2011

By highlighting the top has to offer, we thought we would share with you some brief history of jewellery. 

Jewellery gets its name from “jouhur,” a gem, and goes back to oriental origin. The use of jewellery is as ancient a custom as any on record. The greatest of the earth have employed the use of jewellery, the wisest gained great enjoyment in them. Showing really how deep hold jewellery has on human feelings and emotions. 

Most human beings wear Jewellery for different reasons, no doubt in your search for top jewellers Luton – you may have set pieces that you are looking for. 

Jewellery has always been the symbol of wealth, conferring on its wearer a great deal of general homage. The costliness of its materials was one of the causes of its selection, and the earlier nations were content with such influence as the rudest fashioning could convey. Its interesting how as humans we all are willing to spend different amounts in jewellers Luton. 

Some knowledge of metallurgy and mechanical skill must have been required in its simplest application, by which the value must have been increased greatly when such attainments were very rare in earlier times. 

In the Egyptian room of the British Museum there are mummies with beetles, cut in stone, sewn on their coverings. The cases also contain ornaments in gold and blue earthenware, to be worn as necklaces, representing birds, fishes, and plants – the human eye or ear, hand or foot, also emblems of spiritual principles, or charms against evils. 

The drawings of Ramses 2, from Beitoually in Nubia, represent him wearing bracelets and armlets formed of plates of gold, about three inches long and one inch wide, strung on a blue web. To omit mention of their works in stone would be to neglect their chief excellence. 

This was a brief look into the history of jewellery we hope you found it interesting. When you look at the many has to offer – each with their own design and take on jewellery, its no wonder we go from store to store to find the right one. 

Keywords: Jewellers Luton,,,

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