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When visiting keep this in mind as you gaze at those shining diamonds – although the diamond is so hard, it is however easily broken; and indeed by a certain knack, it can even be cut with a common penknife.

This is due to what is called its cleavage, a direct result of the crystalline structure. It’s interesting that many well known substances such as slate, for example – split or cleave with peculiar facility in certain definite directions, while they offer considerable resistance to fracture in all others.

The diamond has this property, cleaving easily in no less than four directions, and parallel to the surfaces of the octohedric crystal; and therefore, when moderate force is put upon it in either of these ways, the diamond simply splits into pieces.

The cleaving property of the diamond does have its purpose though, firstly by splitting the stones when they contain certain flaws, and secondly, in the preparation of diamond powder.

Those shining diamonds that you see as you visit jewellers did not start out that way. When a rough diamond is seen to contain a defect that would depreciate its value as a single gem, it is spilt in two, precisely at the flaw, so as to make two good sound stones.

This is a very simple operation in appearance, done only in a few seconds, but this process requires an amazing amount of skill to do it properly. As you go around the various has to offer, and admire those diamonds, spare a thought for the skill that’s gone into the production to get it that way.

Now that we have spent some time discussing and , we thought it only fair to give you some other resources where you can buy quality diamonds. As mentioned before it’s always good to check prices to make sure you are getting the best value from has put together a short list of retailers that offer value for money.

As you travel around the various jewellers in we are sure you will find what you are looking for.

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