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Most jewellers in will properly tell you, that diamonds are a girl’s best friend- but today we wanted to talk about Topaz. As you visit some of the jewellers in , no doubt you will notice the different colours of Topaz.

The name of Topaz stems from a far away island in the . The best topazes are of a deep colour, and mainly imported from . The best quality ones are said to be those of , but the latter are generally of a very pale colour. This species of gem is found in many parts of Europe, and no doubt you will come across it as you visit many of the jewellers has to offer.

Jewellers usually divide topazes into the following: Brazilian and Saxon, Bohemian, these are found chiefly in the tin mines of bohemia – they are small in size, deficient in transparency and have only grey or muddy white colours, and generally speaking are really of little value.

Blue Topaz is a large Brazilian gem which varies in size from one or two carats – to two or three ounces. A nice fine blue topaz, without any flaws and which weighed an ounce and a quarter, was sold for 200 guineas back in the day.

Some jewellers has to offer may have Pink Topaz. Some amazing rose coloured varieties of topaz have been brought from as far away as Asia Minor, whilst others can be found in South America, but most pink topazes in the jewellers shops are chiefly stones of the yellow Brazilian kind, which have had their colour changed by heat.

The emerald is one of the softest of the precious stones, and is almost exclusively indebted for its value to its charming colour. The amazing purple of the ruby, the golden yellow of the topaz, and the celestial blue of the sapphire, are all pleasing shades, but the green of the emerald is just so lovely, that the eye, after viewing all the others, tends to find delight in this one.

In value it is rated next to the ruby, and when of good colour, is set on a black ground like a brilliant diamond.

As you travel around the various jewellers has, we thought it would give you some insight into the back ground of some of the Topazes on sale.  


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