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By: Jewellers Luton Dot Com  16/01/2011
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For those of you searching for jewellers Luton – in a quest to find that exclusive Swiss watch, we thought we would talk about the workmanship that goes into making one of these master pieces. 

You do not have to be interested in watch making in order to be in ore – of what you would see of watches and watch work in Switzerland , and as you visit jewellers in Luton.

The many jewellers shops in the cities in Switzerland, all displaying watches in every conceivable form and setting – as eight- day watches, watches in pencils, studs, cane-heads, bracelets, rings etc.

It goes with out saying for minute and ingenious works the Swiss outdo the world. Just by taking a look at the amount of exports the Swiss do should be enough to convince any one that they are market leaders. This is the quality that you are seeing as you visit the many jewellers Luton has to offer.

In almost every European country the watches offered for sale are in large part Swiss. The main difference between the American manner of making a watch and the Swiss boils down to good old workmanship.

The American manufacturer cares little how a lever looks, provided only it serves its purpose. The Swiss workman, however will design a lever in such a way that it has a delicacy and comeliness all of its own. The difference between a Swiss and an ordinary American lever has been likened to that between an antelope and a bear.

One of the consequences of the Swiss mode of making a watch is that its every part is made for that particular watch. This is true not only of the movement but also the case – cases are not inter-changeable.

If you where to observe the thoroughness of the training of which the Swiss workman has the advantage, one would hardly wonder that the Swiss are able to produce at once the quantity and quality of watch work for which they are justly famed.

We hope as you ponder over which watch to buy – and as you search the top jewellers Luton has to offer, that you may spare a thought into the brilliant work that has gone into it.

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