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By: Discount Voucher SIte  04/07/2012
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As purchase prices climb and the cost of living shows no sign of decreasing, household appliances can seem to be more of a necessary evil than a luxury, costing thousands of pounds to buy and adding hundreds of pounds to your energy bill each year. Yet while it is almost impossible to do without them in this day and age, it is perfectly possible to lower the impact that they often have on household finances, as long as you know what’s available

Discount Purchases

Consumers can save money from the word ‘go’ by limiting the amount that they outlay on appliances when first buying them. For important appliances such as fridges, washing machines and cookers, you may feel obliged to spend over the odds to ensure superior manufacture quality and longevity. While in some respects this is a good idea, don’t assume you have to slave away for months in order to stump up the full purchase price of well-engineered appliances, as there is always a discount available to those who look in the right places for it.

It goes without saying that you should always investigate sales promotions at local and national appliance stores, and that you should search for the best available price on the market once you’ve selected a suitable appliance, but what many people don’t realise is that there is a whole online sector dedicated to making sure that customers get the best possible discount deals when making purchases. Since it almost sounds too good to be true, a lot of people readily assume that there must be a problem with it and steer clear, but the truth is discount sites make their money by either striking deals with merchants, or through the amount of traffic that the discount site receives, meaning that they have no interest whatsoever in exploiting the consumer, as they get paid for simply passing on deals, voucher codes and coupons which promote the original vendor.

Another thing which often surprises users of daily deals and voucher websites is just how much choice they have over brand, model, aesthetic quality, and other important elements that you wouldn’t usually get to be picky about when given a freebie or an offer. In terms of household appliances, a single coupon or voucher code could get you up to ten per cent off cookers from big name stores such as Curry’s, and Comet, and sizeable discounts on fridge freezers at outlets such as Dixons.

Cover and Insurance Discounts

If by unhappy chance one of your household appliances should break down or get accidentally damaged usually this means you have to shell out more money on its upkeep, and if a repairman can do nothing to fix the problem, then immediate replacement is often the only course of action which will leave your daily routine uninterrupted. If you cannot afford to insure the contents of your home because the premiums are too high, there are also a number of no questions asked coupons which can kickstart an insurance package by giving you a discount. By being thorough in search for these deals, you can make the unaffordable affordable again, not only saving yourself hundreds of pounds of cash, but also, the unnecessary stress that comes with having to replace or go without household appliances which you have always had.

Conserving Energy and Energy Discounts

Energy experts would more than likely suggest that you cut down on your gas and electricity usage, but especially if you are the primary caregiver to a large family, this is not always possible. To ensure the best possible discount on your monthly energy bill, it might be worth researching offers from other energy suppliers, or even contacting an energy broker to discuss which companies and energy tariffs would best suit your needs. This way, even while making a conscious attempt to save energy by switching off appliances altogether, if you do find yourself having to use them often, you can do so with the peace of mind that you could not get a cheaper or better service anywhere else.

Also, just as discount deals and coupons are offered on the appliances themselves, it might surprise you to realise that many of the leading energy companies make exclusive offers on discount and coupon sites, ranging from money for signing up to new services and discounts off important energy saving measures such as installation to money off your next maintenance bill. This means that even if you’re perfectly happy with your supplier and energy tariff, you could still stand to save money by keeping an eye out for occasional discounts online.


With so many rogues on the internet out to get your money, it’s understandable that people are wary of a freebie or a discount which seems to have no strings attached. The coupon website, however is a modern phenomenon based which profits from free traffic, meaning that both parties can get a good deal without anyone getting misled in the process. Of all the interior design decisions  will make, kitting out the bathroom and kitchen with well-made, reliable household appliances can often be one of  the most expensive and crucial, so during a time of economic uncertainty and financial hardship, getting a discount on your purchases would not only allow you to make your home more comfortable on a budget, but it would also allow the vendor giving the discount to make the all-important sales which pave the way to economic growth and recovery.

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