Diets Don’t Have to be Expensive with Supermarket Discounts

Diets Don’t Have to be Expensive with Supermarket Discounts from Discount Voucher SIte

By: Discount Voucher SIte  09/06/2012
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Everyday we’re regaled with news of the threat of obesity taking over the world. Not a minute seems to pass when we’re reminded to eat our five a day, exercise and shift those extra pounds. There’s no denying that every one of us has the intention to live a healthier lifestyle, however have you ever calculated the cost of fresh and organic food against that of a typical microwave meal? Readymade meals, TV dinners and microwave meals are popular for their convenience; however they’re also popular for the price. Buying a spaghetti bolognaise that is ready to go is significantly cheaper than choosing the onions, meat, peppers and spices that make up the meal from scratch. It’s unfortunate but the massive increases in prices for everyday fresh food have left many of us frustrated as we know we should do better but our wallets won’t allow it. We’d all love to offer our families a fruit bowl full of exotic items, or a fridge full of healthy snacks and vegetables, yet when comparing these to the digestive biscuits and lunchbox chocolate bars, our shop almost doubles leaving us reeling and worried about paying the bills. Luckily discount voucher sites now allow us to indulge in the fresh food we know we should be eating, as the supermarket vouchers on offer rarely stipulate how coupons can be spent. Supermarket discounts can range from free delivery to massive savings allowing you to spend the savings on the luxury that is fat free food. Supermarket discounts also take into account the shelf life of this fresh food, as they understand if they don’t sell up, they’ll be left with a truck load of rotten vegetables that will only be good for compost. Now some supermarket discounts offer money off fresh fruit and vegetables allowing you to finally make sure that healthy way of eating starts today. Sometimes short shelf lives allow us to buy in bulk without worrying about the budget, however buying fresh food like these worries many of us as we know we won’t be able to eat it in time. Yet almost any fruit and vegetable can be frozen, just following a few simple rules. Vegetables benefit from preparation and blanching first, such as carrots. Peel and slice then blanch in hot water for five minutes. Pop in freezer bags in portion sizes so they are ready to use either steamed or boiled the next time you need them for tea. Fruit can be stewed or frozen fresh. Berries freeze beautifully, whilst apples and pears will benefit from stewing. These can then be added to pies or sauces, making sure you have your five a day. Pop over to and see what savings you can make today to start filling your face the right way!

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