Windows XP still available with new PCs (for now!)

Windows XP still available with new PCs (for now!) from Leaf Technology

By: Leaf Technology  12/12/2008
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There has been much confusion over what Microsoft were going to do with Windows XP, we were even confused. First it was going to be withdrawn last year, then in March, then in June, it seems for the moment Windows XP is here to stay. Though it is not quite as simple as that.

As a VAR in the Small/Medium sized business sector we will still be able to provide PCs with Windows XP Professional SP3 pre-installed. Larger organisations like Dell and HP for example are no longer able to ship PCs with XP, that is for whom it has been withdrawn. Retail versions of XP are pretty much non-existent at suppliers, so it is only with the purchase of a new PC that XP can still be provided legally.

I know this will be a relief for some people as with bitter experience, we’ve learned that an large amount of applications (specially in the financial sector) still have problems with PC. That’s not to say its not a vast improvement over last year.

As to when XP will finally be completely withdrawn, sources indicate that this will be later in Q3 2008.

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