New Intel Core i7 Processors Launched

New Intel Core i7 Processors Launched from Leaf Technology

By: Leaf Technology  12/12/2008
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Intel are launching a new line of processors intended at this stage for the High-End desktop market. Called the Core i7, these processors are more of an evolution than the revolution that was the Core 2. Alongside their release comes a new chipset, called the X58 it supports all the new features and technologies that the Core i7 brings to the table (Plus a few surprises!)

One of the key features of these new CPU’s is inclusion of the memory controller on the actual CPU, this removes one of the remaining bottlenecks in the formidable Intel Core 2 line of processors. Initial testing by some of the online hardware review sites has shown that this move (something AMD did long ago) has increased memory bandwidth and speed considerably. Other improvements are in the power department, the high end Intel Core 2’s were power hungry and with the release the i7, Intel hopes to change that. They are very efficient even at load, and the clever power control unit  attempts to more intelligently decide what power/performance states it will instruct the CPU to go into, regardless of what the OS thinks it wants.

Initially, three processors are to be released are the i920 (2.66Ghz), i940 (2.93Ghz) and the i965 Extreme Edition (3.2Ghz). The new Intel X58 chipset is going to be the only chipset to support the new processors initially, which apart from supporting all the new features of the Core i7, also now supports Nvidia’s SLI configuration for multiple graphics cards as well as the AMD Crossfire equivalent, this is especially good news for gaming PC’s as Intel boards have a reputation of excellent reliability.

What does this mean for Business customers I hear you ask? Well at the moment, very little unless you are involved with heavy graphics based work and multi threaded 3D applications. This is where the new processor makes the most gains and for the average office PC there is little need to move away from the cost effective Core 2 processors.  At Leaf Technology we always use Intel processors and Boards, therefore, keeping an eye on what’s coming over the next 6 months is very important, as it might not affect our customers now, but it most definitely will in the future.

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