Job losses and redundancies cause major security threat to corporate data…

Job losses and redundancies cause major security threat to corporate data… from Leaf Technology

By: Leaf Technology  16/12/2008
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As cost cutting exercises become priority for businesses looking to strengthen their financial standing in the face of economic uncertainty, job losses are often the first casualty.

What many businesses don’t consider are the risks involved when an employee leaves their company.

No matter how loyal a member of staff has been, you not only need to protect the confidential corporate and customer data held in your organisation; you need to keep hold of your clients and prevent them from leaving with your employees.

Sales heavy environments and consultancy companies are the ones most vulnerable.  Sales people and consultants frequently take their contacts with them to their next company, not out of malice, but because prospective employers expect it.

Competitors can gain access to valuable strategic plans, research and trade secrets through employee knowledge and offer reward or money for such important and difficult-to-get information.

Boeing, Morgan Stanley, Shell Oil and Intel are amongst many of the worlds largest, most high profile companies who have been affected by data theft from ex-employees.

So, how do you stop it from happening in your business?

Setting clear clauses in a watertight contract is clearly the first step, but this is only a deterrent; it can’t physically stop the fraud.

Fortunately, IT has come to the rescue in form of an award-winning suite of products under the Spectorsoft brand.  

Spectorsoft is, quite simply, ‘the eyes and ears of your organisation’. It enables you to observe those who are abusing company time but also helps you protect your client base and personal property when an employee leaves.

Amongst its many features, Spectorsoft allows you to monitor who’s working the hardest and equally, who’s spending their time surfing un-work-related websites, e-mailing inappropriately or sending/downloading/copying company or client information without permission.

The reporting function within Spectorsoft’s 360 product is outstanding.  It enables Managers, HR departments and business owners to quickly see, instantly, who is illegally accessing or stealing files they shouldn’t. Simple filtering options within its easy reading, up-to-the minute reports makes monitoring incredibly easy and gives control back to the organisation.

According to research, insiders are 4 times more likely to be the perpetrators of corporate theft, than outsiders.  Having personally reviewed and observed this software in the financial and recruitment industries, education and healthcare, I have to conclude that it is, without doubt, worth the investment.  Visit

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