7 ways to save money on IT, computers, hardware and software…

7 ways to save money on IT, computers, hardware and software… from Leaf Technology

By: Leaf Technology  16/12/2008
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At a time when we’re all trying to find ways to tighten our business belts, it’s good to know there are ways to cut costs or curb spending on your IT.  

Here are 7 of the best tips to take advantage of low cost, and often free, offers and advice available to businesses of all sizes:

1. The most important thing is to hold fire on new purchases – unless completely necessary – and maintain what you already have.  Question whether you are really making the most of your current investment.  An independent, trained IT services company will be able to help you see the full potential of your existing computers, printers, laptops and software – the good ones offer free, unbiased advice on upgrades and free downloads to add extra features to your IT solutions with minimal or no expenditure.

2. Take advantage of free IT health checks offered by small IT companies.  These companies aren’t tied to any suppliers and will give you a full and thorough breakdown showing the performance of your current set-up.  The reports will give you information on likely problems or challenges in the future, areas at risk and advice on how to overcome potentially catastrophic situations regarding loss of memory, data and operations.

3. The number one rule:  back up regularly and, if you can, store those back-ups off site or in another server.  Dealing with data loss AFTER it has happened costs many times more than the cost of preventative measures, and in many cases, that data cannot be retrieved – the results can seriously damage your organisation, sometimes beyond recovery.  Prevent serious, costly problems happening.  Make sure your antivirus is up-to-date and covers the vital areas of your system.

4. Keep your IT support costs predictable.  It keeps your spend manageable. A common misconception regarding computer services is that you only need to contact an expert when it goes wrong.  Research shows that, over a year, the escalating costs of using an IT company adhoc, add up to a lot more than setting up a retainer or maintenance contract.  The trick is to negotiate or look for flexible deals – only go for a package you are likely to need. To do this, firstly, look back over your support usage.  Secondly, assess and analyse the age of your current equipment – as it gets older, it will, like a car, need more attention.  Thirdly, equate the costs of those problems you’ve had in the past…and those you could suffer, and consider the ramifications of that in your budget.

5. Evaluate your current supplier.  Do they charge for every minute you spend on the phone to them?  Are they local or do they add expenses for travel to their invoices?  Are they easily accessible because of their locality?  Do they get back to you quickly; is there always someone there to deal with your issue?  Do they confuse you with IT nerd speak; do you really know what you’re paying for…or what they’ve actually done while they’ve been tinkering with your computers and servers?  How well do they know what you need?  Do they offer free, independent advice when you need it?  Ask them these questions and if they can’t answer, change supplier.

6. Providing you’re getting a good deal from your current supplier, take advantage of any loyalty incentives they can give you.  They want to keep your business and could be persuaded to offer special deals to their best clients on maintenance packages and support contracts.

7. Before you spend, call an independent IT expert for free advice or advice on the best deals.  They can save you £hundreds.  A good IT company will investigate and use the products in the marketplace – they can tell you what your business really needs to solve a problem and remove the hype.  They can decipher the jargon, point you in the direction of the most cost effective options saving you hours in research

As a highly regarded computer services provider based between Milton Keynes, Luton and Aylesbury, Leaf Technology has set the benchmark in IT support and has built up a loyal following of clients because of it.  If you want free advice on your current and planned IT spend, contact them.  They are exceptionally knowledgeable, unbiased and friendly with it.  Visit www.leaftechnology.co.uk.

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