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By: Holographic Breathing  25/10/2009
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Reference from Melanie Reinhart "I became interested in learning the Holographic Breathing in the prelude to some major dental work involving heavy metal removal and several extractions of root-filled teeth which had become toxic. I knew my face would be 'disturbed' and this sounded like an ideal way to work with the healing process. The impact of the work exceeded my wildest expectations. My experience of it has been of connecting in to the deepest healing core of energy in my whole organism, at all levels from the cosmic to the physical. When I connect with this process, I have felt as if my health was re-creating itself from scratch. The anatomical resonances and holograms are not only palpably obvious, physically, but as an imaginal procedure carry immense power, embedded as they are in the physical structure of the human body.
There is much more, but suffice it to say that Martin's work is truly a gift for anyone looking to engage in depth with their own healing process. His masterful teaching cannot be replicated by mere 'technique' .... there is a truly holistic and cosmic vision which seems to inform his work. The sacredness of creation is unfolded in this work, and it 'speaks' to our deepest organismic levels." Melanie Reinhart B.A., D.F.Astrol.S. Astrologer, author. http://www.melaniereinhart.com/

Hello Martin,

Emailed to inform you that I've received my CD already. I did the exercises in the program, and it is indeed a truly "new" (learning is remembering) breathing system. I have studied Cranio-sacral therapy (Upledger Institute), but didn't practice it as my preferred modality as I personally find it very difficult for my hands and have lost interest. Following the system of breathing that you instructed in the program, I immediately felt my own Cranio-sacral rhythm, I was amazed! I didn't even need to use a still point inducer or hold any bilateral points/areas in my body. And another thing was that I immediately felt the extension and flexion in different parts of my body, particularly the hip bones. After I did the breathing, I felt a release of tension in my cranial vault as if I just had a CS session, and felt that my sinus has cleared up resulting in easier breathing, although I don't suffer from any form or sinus congestion. Hopefully we will be seeing more cd's coming out. If not, I may just as well sign up for a one on one seminar through phone sometime in the future. With the basic system that you have provided, very deep work could already be done in my personal opinion. I am not able to articulate it as of this moment, but somehow, Holographic Breathing is the key to accessing one's body, feeling it on a very deep cellular level.

As a side note, the way how I came to your website was through the quantum touch() message board. I personally knew of the benefits of Cranio-sacral work, however, there are many techniques that you can't do on yourself alone without a facilitator/ therapist. I was checking for post or messages if there is any modality/system that could replicate the effects of Cranio-sacral work, and then in one of the post, I happened to see a message about you and your website. Yes, there are other modalities that are capable in shifting the cranial bones of the head, however, not as fast as holographic breathing in my personal opinion.

Live long and prosper,

Christopher Go

Dear Martin,

Wilfried and me met yesterday and talked a while about the Global inspiration conference, practiced a little Holographic Breathing. He also gave me the CD, thank you!

I came home very late by bike and was rather tired, but I wanted to listen to it. When I heard the instructions, the room was dark, with only a candle light. I could feel myself curling up into a embryonal position. And I saw - pictures of bones, as if I looked onto my feet and hands through X-ray. Also, there were two light balls in front of my eyeballs. I even put out the candle to make sure it wasn't from this light. The X-ray-pictures and the light-dots remained for a while, then faded.

I had no trouble directing the breath further into my body. I have a light thenar athropy in my thumbs and I could feel these spots very well expanding and loosening up. Also, I had no problems feeling the expansion in my back or abdomen. The whole body seems to open.

I have been in the Holographic Breath mode now for longer, even on the bike and while digging in the garden. For me it seems slightly more strain to breathe in if I leave jaw closed. I realized when I took a nap this afternoon, the breathing remained.

It could well be that after a few times of practice I will write another article about my experiences for our Atman-magazine. Wilfried will be back in the beginning of September and then we can figure out a suitable time to call you and pick up on your offer for the 2nd module.

I just wanted to let you know that it is a wonderful and simple method, easy to apply to many situations. Now I "know" why I wanted to translate your article. Thanks to you!

Greetings from Vienna,


My experience of holographic breathing Jeremy Gilbey – the Faculty, Sutherland College of Cranial Osteopathy I have now completed the first two of Martin Jones Holographic Breathing workshops. The simple breathing technique starts to come very naturally and has an extraordinary facility to integrate the body therapeutically. I was inspired to experience a considerable release and reorganization through my maxillary sinuses; which had recently been a problem area for me. I have introduced several patients to the approach who I feel would particularly benefit. One group is of children lined up for orthodontic surgery. Two have a type 3 occlusal relationship. Although they have responded well to Osteopathic treatment I feel that the holographic breathing is something that they can do on a daily basis, which I hope, will make a significant difference and minimize orthodontic intervention. We will monitor the effects. I have also recommended it to one patient with long term (15 years) ME following Lyme's disease. I am keen to harness the power of breathing, perhaps the most powerful force we have at our disposal in the treatment process. I believe that it is important with some patients to give something therapeutically useful to take away with them, and I'm interested in enhancing my ability to treat myself. My experience of holographic breathing to date inspires me as to its role as a powerful therapeutic tool in both of these roles. Martin Jones is willing to do a workshop with us as part of a proposed breathing event. We are considering a 2-hour workshop to give people the ability to explore the technique for themselves. On giving the exercise to patients I favor sending them to Martin for a Sunday afternoon workshop at present, as this saturates them with the technique and I believe increases the chances of compliance with a continuing exercise routine from two points of view: first they are clear that they are doing the exercise properly and secondly they will have some experience of its efficacy, and will be encouraged to continue.

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