Cosmic Heart Energy Healing Workshops

By: Peaceful Living  15/08/2015
Keywords: alternative medicine, alternative therapies, holistic therapies

This is a new system of healing that has been channelled to me by the Angels. This is a high vibration healing energy which will unlock your own inner healing ability and gifts and teach you about working from the heart with the highest intent. It is being brought to us now to lift our vibration further and to prepare the true healers for the changes that are already starting to take place on earth. The workshops for each level will be channelled at the time so you will be learning to work completely with your intuition and your guides. Each workshop will be tailored to the needs of the attendees and whilst I will be able to give an overview of what each workshop will include this is subject to change according to what my guides and angels feel is needed on the day. No symbols, no specific hand positions just a simple laying on of hands whilst working with the energies of the Cosmic heart and Mother Earth. There is a simple 'attunement' process which will unlock your own abilities as a healer to channel these energies as well as unlock your gifts. This is different to a Reiki attunement in that there is no ritual with it. I am simply the earthly conduit needed for the angels to connect with you and unlock the healing knowledge, wisdom and understanding that you are ready for at this moment in time. This system of healing will enable you to heal yourself, others, Mother Earth and the Universe. It teaches you to always work from the heart with love with the purest intention. There are currently 6 levels and each one works with different beings of light including angels, unicorns, dragons, and dolphins. You do not have to have done Reiki prior too doing this system of healing but it is useful to have done some form of energy healing prior to this. If you have never done any healing but feel very drawn to this then please contact me to discuss whether this would be suitable for you. Please contact me on 07795 901046 or by email at [email protected] to book your place or for more details. For more information please go to Testimonials from1st workshop: 'Wonderful workshop, I feel I have gained so much more knowledge concerning Cosmic Heart Healing. Very powerful Insight into a very different way of healing. The love was felt all weekend between us. A very relaxed but constructive course. Cant wait to do the next course.' Linda Rushden July 2015 An inspiring and awakening weekend! I feel blessed and honoured to be one of the first group of students learning this new healing modality of healing. My heart is bursting with love for my fellow spirits and the higher realms. To be part of a completely channelled workshop has been thrilling and so worthwhile.' Lesley Rushden July 2015 'What a wonderful weekend I feel so privileged to have been part of the very first group to have been taught about Cosmic Heart Energy Healing and to now be able to use the energy. Its such a beautiful, powerful but gentle energy- loving, all-embracing, enfolding, lifting and healing. ' Diane, Wootton July 2015

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