Flat Fee Recruitment specialists in Telecoms VOIP VOICE IT DATA Mobile Comms UK wide

Flat Fee Recruitment specialists in Telecoms VOIP VOICE IT DATA Mobile Comms UK wide from TTR UK Telecoms & Technology Flat Fee Recruitment

By: TTR UK Telecoms & Technology Flat Fee Recruitment  03/11/2010
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TTR has been established for 15 years and recruits for over 250+ Telecoms/IT/DATA/Mobile Comms companies UK wide.

We provide Two cost effective and highly successful recruitment solutions for our clients.

Firstly, TTR's unique 'Flat Fee Recruitment' solution at just £895 per campaign is in very heavy demand and it has proved to be a huge success for recruiting companies over the last 18 months. Our clients enjoy all the benefits of working with an established recruitment company but without having to pay the large agency fees. Initially we advertise your campaign on about 60 hand picked and bespoke Job Boards for a 28 day managed recruitment campaign to attract actively looking candidates. We also proactively supplement the response with our own contacts and database search, some 11000 applicant cv's generated over 15 years. Then the screened and shortlisted response becomes the client's property so you can even employ more than one candidate from same £895 campaign and at no extra cost.

In the unlikely scenario that we do not find you a strong shortlist of 4-6 relevant and available candidates, who match the Job Description and agreed campaign copy, we will run the whole campaign again the following month at no additional cost to you.

For some of our clients who use multiple agencies and for the one's that insist on an applicant guarantee, we still provide the traditional agency/recruitment service at the highly competitive rate of just 10% of basic salary. This includes a 6 week, 100% money back applicant guarantee, subject to TTR UK being paid in 21 days from the candidate's engagement/start date and in line with our Terms of Business.

However, the most popular vehicle by far is the Flat Fee option (see testimonials)

Please find below the key benefits and costings for our Flat Fee Recruitment campaigns:

You will also find attached the following:

Terms and Conditions of Business (Flat Fee)

Please also visit our homepage to see some 'live' Flat Fee Recruitment campaign examples at

Summary of benefits:

Working with specialist & experienced (15 yrs+) Telecoms recruitment experts.

We know your business, the Telecoms market, understand your products and recruit the kind of staff you need regularly at ALL levels, locally (to you), regionally (to you) and throughout the UK.

Act as an extension of your Company and recruitment process to attract experienced applicants.

Provide a 28 day, anonymous, managed recruitment campaign for each vacancy.

We take the vacancy instructions and prepare the anonymous campaign copy in proven TTR style.

Use multiple site postings on market leading, specialist, local, regional and national recognised and proven hand-picked Internet job sites (We know the best internet job boards to use for which job!).

CV's are also searched and downloaded from many relevant job boards.

Shortlists are further supported with applicable CV's downloaded from TTR's own database (unique and very strong Telecoms, IT, DATA and Technology cv's - over 11000 going back 15 years).

Candidates are also pro-actively approached with your opportunity.

ALL responses filtered in line with vacancy/Campaign details and client instructions.

Only qualified and telephoned screened cv's passed on to the client. The CV's become yours!

You can employ 1 candidate or more from the campaign, NO extra cost!

Fixed Flat Fees in advance....no commissions.....NO placement fees!....It's your managed campaign!

Save time, money, risk and pain

Costings (payable in advance):

Single vacancy credit/instruction at £895 + vat

4 vacancy credits/instructions at £849 + vat each

8+ vacancy credits/instructions at £799 + vat each

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