Defending Against Attack The Shotokan Way

Defending Against Attack The Shotokan Way from Actikarate Ltd

By: Actikarate Ltd  16/05/2009
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If you are looking for a good book that teaches Basics, Sparring and Kata for the beginner up to including Purple white belt then this is the book. But what makes it different is that the author shares ideas on the attack cycle with the reader.

Frank commonly explains bunkai (applications) to every techniques he shows for real life practical application! I know him and he has personally completed over 800 workshops and this experience is obvious in reading the book!

Showing all the major kicks in the system with applications, punches blocks and strikes.

A good basic book teaching Shotokan Karate, the attack cycle, and japanese terminology throughout the book, introducing the Japanese culture to the public in a fun and informative manner. It is very personal and he obvoiusly loves talking and doing what he is doing!

Keywords: actikarate, Books, karate,