Defending Against Attack for Women: (Paperback)

Defending Against Attack for Women: (Paperback) from Actikarate Ltd

By: Actikarate Ltd  16/05/2009
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Product Description
This is now the fully revised 2nd Edition of the popular book teaching how to defend against attack. It is based on over 1000 workshops completed and over 25 years of experience in coaching students at all levels! With the aid of over 250 photo illustrations showing attack reconstructions, Frank teaches with ease the safest forms of grappling, punching, kicking and blocking against individual, multiple and knife attacks. 'The attacker thrives on our inability to handle a situation!' This manual will help empower women to curb their fears. The techniques are explained simply and teach a body mechanics and movement. Helping you achieve more confidence, alertness and overall fitness, whilst reducing stress and the fear of attack by preparing for it.

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