Direct Mail Polywrapping (Polywrapping Catalogues, Brochure's, Reports, Leaflets etc)

By:  31/03/2009
Keywords: catalogue mailing, catalogue polybagging, catalogue polywrap,

Low cost, high quaility direct mail polywrapping services. We polywrap millions of direct mail pieces including brochure and catalogue polywrapping, and even polywrap financial reports where 100% reconciliation is required. Our direct mail polywrapping services are ISO9001:2008 accredited and approved by the Direct Marketing Association, and we polywrap very well known catalogues and brochures.
As well as catalogue polywrapping services BTB Mailflight is also one of the UK's leading international mail consolidators, so we can mail polywrapped catalogues across the UK and worldwide. Our catalogue mailing services are IMDAS approved and we are accredited by the Mail Consolidators Association.
We also provide catalogue request fulfilment which includes storage and polybagging of catalogue requests, and mailing them out on a daily basis.

Keywords: catalogue mailing, catalogue polybagging, catalogue polywrap, catalogue polywrapping, direct mail polywrapping,



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