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What is Reiki?


Reiki is a powerful, energy based, natural healing system, which originated in Tibet, Ancient Egypt, India and China thousands of years ago.  The practice of Reiki as we know it today was re discovered in the 1870’s by a Japanese monk, Mikao Usui, and has evolved into a popular complementary therapy.  The word Reiki means “universal life force energy” and is pronounced Ray – Key

Reiki is a method of balancing and unblocking the body’s energy centres.  The natural flow of energy through a client’s body relaxes and restores energy, enabling the recipients to stimulate their own natural healing resources to deal with the condition in the best manner.  This healing may take place on all levels, including the physical, mental and emotional levels.

What Happens? Treatment generally begins with a brief confidential discussion of the client’s condition and medical history.  This is then followed with one or more sessions of treatment.  All treatments are gentle and involve no manipulation of the body or discomfort for the recipient.  The first session lasts about one hour fifteen minutes and includes the consultation.  Follow on sessions last approximately an hour each.

Reiki has been found to be of benefit to its recipients in very different ways, as each person and each condition is individual.  It has grown in popularity, due to its success in the treatment of conditions such as the following:


Headaches                               Tiredness

Back and muscle pain               Sleep disorders

Stress                                     Depression

Releases blocked energy

Increases energy and vitality

Detoxifies the body

Physical, mental and emotional balance

A sense of calm and well being


For some clients the effects of a treatment can be quite obvious and stunning, while for others the progress is gradual and takes place on a subtle level.  Most clients experience a deep sense of relaxation; it is unusual for Reiki not to be of help in some way.  Reiki is a holistic therapy and the Reiki energy works to assist healing of the whole person.


There are occasions when a cleansing process may be experienced by the recipient, signalling a release of blocked energies before the healing work can begin.  The initial consultation will also identify any other elements that the therapist may need to consider during treatment.

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