Holistic Massage or Indian Head Massage

By: The Log Cabin  06/02/2011
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HolisticMassage &

Indian HeadMassage


John provides two forms of massage, a traditional Indian Head Massage or a Holistic Massage.


Holistic Massage has been practised in one form or other for between three and four thousand years.  The modern style of massage was devised by Henrik Lingfrom Swedenwhich was based on physiology and formalised by a number of movements andtechniques, many of which are still used today in Holistic Massage.


The massage medium I employfor both forms of treatment is Tui Massage Wax.  After many years ofresearch I have found that this scented wax makes the perfect medium forperforming a massage, it provides good contact, is moisturising, relatively nonstaining (unlike oils!), non dripping, and also smells wonderful as it consistsof beeswax and natural essential oils.  I have a selection of waxesavailable for massage treatments and we will select one most suited to youduring your consultation. Although the Tui Wax costs more than standard oils Ithink the benefits easily outweigh the costs, and it is better for you, theclient!


Full body Holistic Massagetakes about an hour and a quarter and your first visit will also require a full consultation for which you should allow another 15 minutes when deciding tobook.  Call John for more information.


Indian Head Massage is a treatment based on Ayurvedic teachings over a thousand years oldwhich was only brought to the West in the 1970’s by Nerendra Mehta. It is used by practitioners to help reduce stress and tiredness, increase mental clarity and relax and rejuvenate the client.


What happens? On your firstvisit the practitioner will take a consultation to complete a general health questionnaire, after which you will be seated in a chair.  As oils are used it is advisable to wear a comfortable cotton top or t-shirt. Starting on the neck then shoulders and upper back, the therapist then moves on to the head and hairand finally finishes on the face. This provides a wonderful relaxing treatment not to be missed.

Additional specialist holistic massage therapies such as Colon Massage Therapy and Pregnancy Massage Therapy are also available, please contact John for more details.

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