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By: No Money Down Loan  03/10/2011
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No money down home loan is a product for those who are looking to buy a house but have limited cash in hand. With this loan scheme they can carry out a deal with zero or negligible down payment. This requires extensive search, but the customers can go online to shop in order to reach the most suitable deal to utilize little money in their pocket, in most productive manner. Buyers can also reach the mortgage broker or lender through some acquaintance, but it advisable to do a thorough research on internet before finalizing the deal. Lenders are also aware that they can find the prospective customers in abundance via internet, so large number of them are floating their advertisements online with their detailed information and offers.

In order to achieve a home of this type with no real monetary investment, the customers are required to do some home work in advance. Like if someone has a poor credit score due to irregular or missed payments etc they need to improve it. This can be done by making regular payments constantly over a significant period of time. To apply for this loan, the applicant should possess a credit score of 700 or even higher. In some places the customers may find that to qualify for no money down home loan, the credit score requisite is minimum 750. The additional advantage of maintaining a good credit score is that customers have to pay lower interest rates. The borrowers with poor credit scores can also find some proposals for them under some programs but they have to pay high interest rates and loan repayment terms are stricter for them.

The loan schemes with zero or small down payment features are growing in the market. Earlier, buying a house without any down payment was something no one would expect. It was essential for a first time home buyer to make 10 to 20% down payment in order to get loan approved from the lender. With growing prices of essential commodities and overall cost of living going up from all sides like kids’ education, routine bills, house rents etc. it becomes difficult for a common man to make any savings.

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